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Self-Disclosure ("Johari Window")
In relation to blogging

In Mark's Jan 5th post, from The Bagman and Butler Chronicles, he talked about the seeming norm of only giving and receiving pleasant, encouraging comments in the blogosphere.  He and others mentionned how they occasionally craved some constructive criticism or feedback. 

Others commented that they prefer things remain as they are, because they receive enough criticism in every day life.  This discussion brought to mind the psychological model known as the 'johari window" also known as the "Feedback/Self-Disclosure Matrix". 

The concept is that we all have basically 4 quadrants of self at play all the time in every relationship and three of these quadrants change according to who we are relating with and how we are relating.  There is much to learn from this model, but we'll stick to the basics here in applying it to our relating as bloggers. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bill the Barber
A customer awaits his turn for his regular horse headed barber, observing the experience and wisdom of his unusual life through his trade.

O: Why horse heads?

|(: No reason but there is. There's many answers but no one answer. I can come up with a 100 answers that can make sense but none have to. I can give you one answer that is true to me but might not be to you. I work from my gut first, and it tells me whatever reason I have is true. You also can figure out a reason and it's probably true to you. What am I saying? I'm just saying, I didn't over think it. My reasons are as good as yours.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

the (urve & the s|raigh|:

Two forces. Two lines that when put against each other create a pleasing aesthetic, so I've learned in art school. But what is it about these lines that create a fascinating aesthetic? They are opposing forces; one soft and the other hard, one gentle and the other sharp. A | shape that can puncture through anything that permits and a C that shields from such a force. An aggressor and a protector. Forces that when put together work within a space to make for an intriguing bout. These 2 lines can be found in every shape of an image and in their most basic and simplest forms appear more striking.

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